Adapt Security Manned Guarding Ltd

We are a group of security specialists

We offer a comprehensive list of manned guarding services for protecting businesses across the UK.


Our mission is to provide a service that reflects our client’s requirement and to return upon their investment, their liberty.


Allowing them to achieve their goals, without unnecessary restriction, hesitation or delay.


To ensure this, we;


Use an in depth on boarding (vetting) recruitment process.


Build bespoke operations and deploy SIA operatives at short notice.


Ensure our SIA operatives remain licensed and competent.


Tailor our security operatives approach, to fit our clients requirements.


Provide our operatives with live updates, technology, equipment and vehicles as and when they are required.


Communicate with our clients and adapt their service as their requirement / environment changes


Since our inception, we have grown in size and capabilities and now work with talent from all sectors of our industry


Our clients benefit from our expert automated systems and processes which streamline our service, create efficiencies and reduce communication time.


Becoming Tech-Enabled has also helped the company grow and advance within ever changing - markets, protection risks and legislation.


And has aided Adapt in achieving its sustainability goal of becoming Carbon Neutral.


The senior management team, consisting of of former special military forces, SIA Licensed Experts and Police.


This ensuring that customer service and requirements are at the forefront of all decision making throughout our company


Our Consultative Approach


As a management team we will work closely with you to provide the most appropriate protection solution for your requirements.


We use Novus guard, a world-renowned guard management platform to plan patrol routes, direct our officers, monitor us provide reports to you highlighting any issues of note


Our site phones or Novus System are GPS enabled and have panic system alarms to protect our lone workers and provides you with reassurance that our personnel are carrying out there protective duties.


We Understand your business is different


One Size does not fit all Adapt must add value, be an enabler for growth and positively contribute to your wider strategy in business


subject matter experts bring a new, fresh approach to our management.


We don't just concentrate on your perimeter, we assess your entire organisation and consider all threat vectors including, Malicious Insider, Malicious Outsider, Careless Insider.


Here's how we'll protect you:


Analyse & Identify, A full risk assessment identifying the threats and assessing your risk exposures.


Implement, A tailored Solution based on your risk and budget appetite.


Monitor & Maintain, Our proactive, vigilant and intelligence lead approach ensures we stay ahead of the curve.


We give our clients peace of mind that their assets are best protected from harm or compromise.


Whilst many Towns and Cities across the UK are experiencing increasing issues with crime and anti-social behaviour, businesses, visitors do not want unsightly area's with rubbish or graffiti.


Every area wants to be somewhere people want to work, shop visit.


We assist our clients with that, we deliver a customer service team or welcome hosts.


The Adapt team has a primary delivery focus; to create places that are pleasant to work in and visit, reducing criminality.


They primarily welcome all visitors and represent the community they look after.


they are there to support the levy payers, the council and the police - a positive combination to improve place perception.


This making locations great places to visit, pleasant to live within, while increasing area visitor numbers boosting the area's prosperity


Our service is delivered around five core principles:


United as a Team


Communicate clearly and effectively with clients and colleagues, work collaboratively to perform your daily responsibilities at the highest level, help each other to address problems that arise.


Nimble & Responsive


Be responsive to co-workers' and clients' requests. Be solutions oriented.


Client Focused


Maintain a friendly and professional demeanor, know your responsibilities and execute on them professionally, think about how your actions impact our clients, be there for our clients.


Focused on Results


Understand client needs, strive for excellence, be neat and professional in appearance, and commit to creating a great client experience.


Efficient & Effective


Report to work on time, focus every day on improvements, improve yourself through learning, and keep doing the right things.


We offer

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