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Manned Security

We provide high quality and reliable security solutions, providing maximum safety to multiple locations across the UK. Our team of exceptional manned guards are trained to the highest standards and take pride in delivering exquisite levels of security to our clients in a proactive approach. Together, our guards have a wealth of experience and knowledge which ensures they carry out their role professionally and impactfully.


These impressive employees of ours act as a highly-visible deterrent, ensuring you feel safe at all times.


The protection of your personnel and overall premises is their upmost importance, and they are proud to offer their skilled services in achieving the best protection possible.


Each guard has been trained to an outstanding standard and is able to offer extensive knowledge and experience in safely securing locations.


We offer flexible and adaptable manned guards who are able to tailor their security services to suit a range of needs laid out by our clients, ensuring for a personal and unique solution.


So, regardless of the type of industry you work in, we can be sure to supply appropriate manned guards for any occasion.



Adapt Security Manned Guarding Ltd, Vetting Procedures are as follows BS7858 standard would consist of:






Basic Criminal Record Check – Search for ‘unspent’ convictions



Credit Enquiries – Credit Score, ID Verification, Electoral Roll Verification, Address Verification, CCJ, Bankruptcy, Insolvency and IVA Search



Employment Check – 5-Year Written Employment Verification with Gap Verification



Character Reference – Typically covers candidate strengths, areas for growth, adaptability and integrity



Right To Work Checks – Verification of Nationality, ID documentation and Immigration status



Manned security guarding is one of the most effective measures you could take in order to protect your business and employees, and by choosing us, you are guaranteed to experience effective, positive results.


We are able to offer reliable gatehouse security or controlled access to buildings through our impressive manned guards.


They will complete their duties and responsibilities effectively, performing risk assessments and health and safety checks on a regular basis.



It is important to note that all of the manned guards we supply are fully qualified and licensed in their role, with the right to prevent trespassers and vandalism at all times.


Guards may also alternate in carrying out foot patrols if they feel suspicious activity is occurring and are trained in being able to deal with it accordingly.


They are all appropriately First Aid trained and offer exceptional customer service and people skills, sharing an impeccable appearance; representing not only us, but your business too.



We are proud to offer our services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ensuring to keep your premises safe and secure at all times.


Our clients are at the heart of our business and we are fully committed in effectively delivering a first-class service to each and every one of you.








Static Security

Industrial security

Academic security

Event Security service

You will find the latest information about our company here. You will find...

We proudly offer our exceptional security services to ensure the safety and security of visitors at a number of different events. For this service in particular, our security personnel have been highly trained in security with a customer focus, providing not only an effective security solution, but a polite and friendly face to ensure all visitors are made to feel comfortable and safe. We understand that every event is unique which is why we provide a bespoke service to every client to ensure we can provide a top-quality service which helps to keep running of the event as smooth as possible. We are able to offer the likes of overnight security, CCTV operatives, close protection, bar security, security handers, security for sports events plus many more security solution options. No event is too big or too small for our incredible team to protect.

Our team of security staff are appropriately qualified in their field, holding exceptional expertise in safety procedures. As a whole, we are a motivated, dedicated and customerfocused business, which is proven through these jobs specifically where we are continuously putting customers first. We are able to offer a range of trained security staff depending on the type of solution you need:


All members of our steward event teams are dedicated in ensuring the smooth running and safety of any event we are managing. We offer identifiable, go-to individuals who are proactive, efficient and approachable people ready to assist the public in whatever they may need.

Door Supervisors

Offering a smart and respectable appearance, our door supervisors not only hold vital skills in protection but also have brilliant customer service qualities, enabling them to carry out their job in a friendly manner. Our door supervisors are generally the first and last point of contact for your customers, which is why each of our team members understand the importance of sharing a positive lasting impression. We can offer door supervisors for a range of events such as:

Public Houses

– Nightclubs

– Student Unions

– Live Music Venues

Dog Handlers

Our security dogs and fully-accredited dog handlers are trained to exceptional standards and follow strict legal guidelines. Our team is regularly trained to ensure they are continuing to carry out outstanding solutions, working together to deliver the highest standard possible. Our dogs are a great visual deterrent and lead our handlers to points of danger. They are trained to sense threats by smell, sight and sound and act accordingly in a controlled aggression to intimidate attackers.

Security Guards Officers

Licensed trained security

Security Guard on Patrol

Manufacturing Security

Manufacturing businesses can be a huge target for criminals. We provide a security solution to minimise this risk and provide companies with a safe and secure working environment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our security team members who specialise in manufacturing sectors are able to bring their extensive knowledge, understanding and training in order to provide our clients with peace of mind that businesses are going to be kept safe, secure and protected whilst in our care. Every brilliant member of our team is trained to the highest ability in security and safety, whilst all holding relevant qualifications and licensing in security procedures.

Within the vast security services, we impressively offer, we specialise in food manufacturing security. This industry is increasingly turning to companies like ours in order to improve their internal processes, whilst having the need to continue to comply with ever-changing and developing operating requirements. We are able to aid and assist with helping food manufacturers meet these increasingly demanding requirements that are presented by manufacturer clients such as large supermarkets.

No task is too big or too small for us, as we work with a range of food manufacturers, all of varying sizes and food chains. We will simply adapt a bespoke plan of action in order to keep your premises safe and secure which has been specifically tailored to your business.

We offer reasonable security solutions which will additionally help to keep your organisation as safe and secure as it can be, for example this could include:

Manned Guarding - CCTV Monitoring

Mobile Patrols

Gatehouse Monitoring

Trained Security Personnel

Fully Insured To Supply Security Services

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The aim of our company is to ensure the safety and security of every premises we help to keep protected, which is why our dedicated team will make it their sole responsibility to ensure your site is appropriately guarded. We also understand the importance of providing minimum disruption, in order for you to carry on with the daily running of your business.

Gatehouse security

Retail security

Hotel security