At Adapt we understand that retail businesses place their customer’s security, safety and comfort above all else.

While also understanding that the stock and staff in your shop, storefront, shopping centre or warehouse also require safeguarding.

No matter if you run a small boutique shop or a department store in Scotland or in North and South England our SIA Licensed Guards offer a range of security services to ensure that your retail business run safely and securely.

We offer a wide range of bespoke solutions to retail sites across the UK, which are available for short-term, long-term and last minute assignments.

Industry-Leading Loss Prevention Guards in the UK

In order to conduct our market-leading retail protection, our SIA personnel are trained to the highest standards.

Accreditations ensure we are always abiding by the highest-level industry standards.

Our company is accredited by the ICO and SSIP. While our guards in the UK adhere to health and safety standards, as denoted by SafeContractorCHASConstructionline and SMAS.

Our team of dedicated guards are also all fully SIA licensed.

All of our SIA Licensed Guards in the UK are well versed in all these regulations and standards, to ensure we can deliver a market-leading service to your business.

This attention to high-level regulation ensures we are one of the top security firms in the UK.

Shops in Britain

Small retail businesses often take it upon themselves to keep their premises, staff and stock safe both during and after working hours.

However, by doing so their staff are not only being put under added pressure, but those staff members are often being put in harm’s way.

As such, our shop SIA guards in Birmingham and the West Midlands are ready to take responsibility for securing your business around the clock. Relieving your staff of unnecessary risk in the process.

Shopping Centre Protection in the UK

Shopping centres are often the targets of crime, both large and small. These criminal activities can range from petty shoplifting to larger scale planned events. Given the shire numbers of the public that can be in a shopping centre at any one moment, it is paramount that the premises are ready to react to any situation that may arise.

That’s where our shopping centre retail officers in the UK come in.

Our SIA licensed officers will ensure that the public, staff and various stores on site can remain safe—providing peace of mind, and allowing business to flourish.

Store Detectives in the UK

Many stores leave their front of house staff to deal with potential shoplifters. However this is not only putting extra stress on these workers, but it is putting them directly in harm’s way.

Our specialised store detectives are trained in loss prevention—spotting and acting on theft to minimise unnecessary loss of stock.

Hiring a store detective will not only help reduce shoplifting but will, in turn, relieve your front of house staff from the unnecessary danger of confronting criminals.

Our Approach to this Sector

We look forward to taking the stress of retail sector protection off your shoulders—ensuring that your business’s premises are safe and secure in turn providing you with the much-needed peace of mind to focus on and further your business.

Here at Adapt, we advocate a bespoke approach to our services, as to provide the best tailor-made service to your business.