Quality Policy Statement

It is the policy of Adapt Security to provide its customers with a service that fulfils their specified requirements.

The following principles are applied throughout the company:

  1. A company-wide Quality System is in operation which is designed to comply with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO45001:2018, BS7499:2013, BS7960:2016, BS8406:2009 and BS7858:2019 as well as continually improve and review the effectiveness of these systems.
  2. An appreciation that a consistent quality service can only be achieved by ensuring control at each stage of service delivery, with the ultimate aim of achieving “Zero Defects.”
  3. Full Commitment to ongoing training and development of staff.
  4. Full understanding by all employees, of long term importance of achieving customer satisfaction and their role in ensuring that their failure to meet standards will lead to the company failing to meet customer standards.
  5. Full commitment of all personnel to active involvement in making improvements.
  6. Full commitment of all personnel to reduce waste and improve service delivery. Targets will be set at management review meetings and be made available.
  7. Full commitment to wherever possible, the re-cycling of old materials.

The Quality system defines the commitments of the company, and the methods that are employed to ensure customer satisfaction.

This has been approved by Andrew Smith, Managing Director