Loss Prevention Officers, combat internal theft and protect your assets.

Loss Prevention Officers | Retail Security Guards Scotland & England

Adapt Security are a leading provider of Security Services  for retail customers across South & North East England and the North East Scotland area.

We have been providing highly trained,

• insured and SIA-licensed loss prevention officers and retail security guards throughout the area for many years.

Retail security guard services are a great option and offer numerous benefits for shopping malls,

• Department stores,

• And retail shops.

A retail security guard can be a deterrent and a solution to many problems such as theft,

• Altercations and violence that may arise in crowded areas.

Adapt Security handles every detail so that your premises,

• employees and customers are safe and protected as well as ensuring your customers have a happy and enjoyable shopping experience..

So if it’s highly-trained loss prevention & retail security officers you’re after to massively improve and enhance your loss prevention strategies then we are the company for you..

Behaviour Observation and Timely Intervention

Our loss prevention officers have years of experience in monitoring individuals and groups for suspicious behavior.

The signs our officers can spot signs that indicate threats such as theft,

• harassment,

• violence and vandalism. 

Our retail security personnel will immediately identify these behaviors and ensure that the individual responsible is physical removed from the premises in a discreet manner,

• according to the duty of care.

Loss Prevention and Shoplifting Deterrent

Shoplifting can have a devastating effect on retail businesses. 

Our security specialists are trained to spot signs of shoplifting in large and small groups and are the perfect shoplifting deterrant for any business in the retail sector. 

Protect your profits,

• minimize unwanted and uneccessary theft and arm your managers and employees with proven,

• effective and efficient way of stopping shoplifting in real-time by getting our professionals to work with you.

From warehouses


• and retail premises to anywhere that holds large quantities of high-value stock and with a large number of staff and customers, Our SIA licenced officers are trained to combat internal thefts in large premises,

And protect your assets 24/7, 365 days a year.

Here are some Services our Scotland & English Loss Prevention Officers & Retail Security Guards provide:

  • Periodic searching of staff’s person, lockers and vehicles
  • Escorting contractors through the premises.
  • Man Guarding and access control
  • Managing visitors log
  • CCTV and intruder alarm monitoring and response

If you need any duties or services that aren’t listed here, just let us know.

Examples of value-added retail security officer services include: 

  • Internal mail delivery
  • Reception duties
  • Shredding of confidential waste
  • Lock and unlock service
  • Checking and securing doors and windows
  • Switching off specified electrical equipment
  • Checking fire exits
  • Carrying out such facility tasks as are included in the client’s specification
  • Meet and greet service