If you’re looking at working with a security company, like Adapt Security, then it’s definitely worth knowing what numbers you’re likely to be dealing with before you explore your options. 


It will come as no surprise to hear that the exact cost to hire a security guard can differ depending on a number of influencing factors, the main being where the business is located and the duties required, along with the level of training the staff have.

However, if you’re looking at working with a security company, like Adapt Security then it’s definitely worth knowing what numbers you’re likely to be dealing with before you explore your options. 

What is a security guard?

In short, a security guard is a professional who is responsible for protecting a property or person.

They might be hired to work at an event, helping to enforce crowd control, or they might be employed to stand at access points,
• Like the door of a pub,

• Club or office.

While the duties of a security guard can vary, their role is always to ensure the premises, people and in many cases, the possessions on that site are safe. 

There are plenty of benefits that come with hiring a security guard, including:

  • They act as a visible deterrent for offenders and criminals
  • They help to make people feel safe and protected
  • They are professionally trained to deal with potentially dangerous incidents or threats, quickly and efficiently
  • They are trained to identify any suspicious activity
  • They can prevent unauthorised access
  • They can help to prevent internal crime

How much does a security guard cost?

Generally, a security firm charges between £13 – £20 per/hour. The cost of hiring a security guard can be impacted by the following:

  • Experience and training
  • The duties required
  • The venue type
  • The location

At Adapt Security, we pride ourselves on being able to offer a bespoke service, with our packages shaped around the needs of each client.

However, the hourly rate of our guards starts at £15ph for general security our prices are negotiated with our clients.

Security guard prices per hour starts from:

PLEASE NOTE: We DO NOT assist as a security presence for eviction of tenants or anything related, such as having a tenant return to a property to pick up their personal effects.

Events Management, Stewards & Door Supervisors- £16.99

Construction/Building – £15

Residential – £15

Corporate Security – £15

Car Parks, Hotel , Hostels & other Properties etc – £15

Loss Prevention & Retail Security & Store Detectives – £15

Key Holding & Alarm Response- £3.99 per day + call out charges

Dog Handling Service – £16

CCTV monitoring – £15.99

VIP Close Protection £29.99 (ex-military guard specialist service)

Traffic Marshal Operative/ Banksman – £150 daily charge

Other type of security cover not mentioned above – please inquire

PLEASE NOTE: These prices are the basic costs – the prices are subject to change depending on the location, number of hours, type of service, and when the service needs to take place. Shorter notice may mean a price increase.