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When it comes to safeguarding your business, Adapt Security UK have over 18 years experience in the protection industry on all sector projects.

Whatever sector your organisation is in, our highly-trained, SIA-licensed guards can provide a range of protection services, from front of house reception, vehicle searching, patrols, access control, dealing with alarms and monitoring of CCTV. 

We understand that each business has different protection needs, according to its location, image and clientele. We value these differences and supply SIA guards / officers who not only suit your safety needs, but who can also blend into the unique style and atmosphere of your business.

To arrange your free no-obligation survey, consultation and quotation, or to arrange emergency cover please fill out the online form or call us 07957658958 email [email protected]

Office protection

If you need to create a secure and relaxed environment for your staff and visitors, our unbeatable reception security guards can help create the right first impression, whilst monitoring and controlling access to your premises.

CCTV Monitoring

Our specialised CCTV Monitoring team will monitor each camera closely and consistently, so you can be rest assured that any suspicious activity won’t be missed.

Front of House & Reception

If you’re looking for concierge solutions to meet your unique front of house needs, we can offer professional approachable personnel to welcome and monitor your guests, combining the very best security capabilities with a first-class level of customer service.

What our corporate services offer?

All officers we provide are fully licensed and vetted to the most stringent of UK regulations. Whilst undertaking their duties, our officers interact with customers to provide a truly personalised service which is particularly relevant in public areas. 

This means that customers receive a level of service that always meets their exact requirements.

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